Live LAGOM 2

Bit of a serious post this. It’s time for my second blog about the journey I’ve embarked upon as a member of the live LAGOM community. And it is a journey. To recap, live LAGOM is a project by IKEA, encouraging a group of us to think about living more simply and with “just enough”. We’ve all been given access to a wide range of IKEA products to help us in this goal. Home visits were made by the IKEA team and recommendations were offered based on current living. As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to think I already “do my bit”: I recycle, monitor my energy usage, buy organic meat and vegetables, bake my own bread, preserve fruit etc. BUT. I also use a car, almost daily; I hoard food – my store cupboards bulge; and my particular besetting sin is the retention of stuff.

I live in a grade 2 Georgian cottage in Liverpool. Sandstone walls, stone floors, draughty single glazed windows that don’t let in much light, and planning required to make significant changes such as installing double glazing. From a practical point of view I needed to cosy things up, and add more light. My IKEA booty included 5 rugs, 3 blinds, 3 lamps and a whole load of battery operated LED fairy lights to use in dark corners. It’s been a mild winter but nevertheless it does get chilly, adding rugs & a blind to my bedroom means I’ve not actually switched on the radiator at all in there as the white fabric blinds block draughts from the window but don’t cut the light.

Morning light.

Morning light.

And I love that they are magnetic! The new rugs keep my feet warm on the cold floors and have been very popular with my furry housemates…

I’ve also been rearranging my cupboards, with the help of a LOT of Ikea glassware. Not perfect yet, but the systematic use of jars large enough to hold all my spices is meaning that at least I can see what I need before I go to the shops.

I mentioned this was a serious post at the start, so I should explain why. My Dad passed away 6 years ago, leaving me as executor of his will and sorter out of his estate. This was no small task. He resided in an 8 bedroomed house, plus garage and cellars. It was the family home for 40 years and I’d moved in with him in his last year, mostly to try to help him sort it out and aim to down size into something more manageable for a gentleman in his later years who wasn’t in the best of health. Sadly he died before we could achieve this, but I’d begun the truly Herculean task of going through the house. If I tell you that it took me TWO years to clear the house, and during that time I found myself dealing with much of my deceased mother AND grandmother’s personal items, you may have an inkling over what changes I want to make within my own home.  My own attic contains boxes of “items” left over from this period. Stuff I just couldn’t deal with, have no clue what to do with but struggle to throw out.

I really, really don’t want to end up like my Dad, filling rooms with “stuff” rather than throwing it out. I’m already spotting an alarming tendency to hoard paper – newspaper clippings, magazines, birthday cards etc.  So, not only did I join the Live LAGOM project, with an aim to be more sustainable, I also really want to take the message of “just enough” seriously.  I found a group on Facebook – it’s a closed one but you can apply to join – called Living With Less – basically it’s an online cheerleader for those of us who are trying really hard to reduce the clutter and live simpler lives. We post about the difficulty of letting stuff go, cheer on each other when we manage it and console each other when we just can’t deal with it any more. Since January 2016 I have got rid of: 5 boxes of magazines; 3 boxes of newspaper clippings; 28 books; 4 bags of “nope, you’re really not EVER going to wear that again” clothes; 2 boxes of random knick knacks (mostly weird presents, sorry); and 2 lamps that “just needed a little work”. I have a long way to go yet, haven’t even started on the stuff in the attic, but it’s a start. I want clutter free space where I can display the things I really DO want to keep.  Still trying to Live LAGOM…

Cat on a rug

Cat approval given