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So, three years on from first thinking about writing a blog about the food I love and the cuisines and ingredients that inspire me… here I am! Little bit about me. I’m a half Hungarian, half Scot all Liverpool girl who’s been fortunate enough to travel a bit and enjoy fabulous food.

Being in the kitchen makes me happy, feeding people makes me even happier. I’m not the most precise of cooks – no Michelin style presentation here, but I do work hard at making sure it tastes good. I love Hungarian and Italian food and have an irrational hatred of both melon and beetroot (no, I can’t explain it). Apart from that, I’ll pretty much eat anything.

I’m particularly keen on NOT WASTING food – yes, I am the person saving old bread for breadcrumbs, boiling carcasses for stock and re-using leftovers. I only use free range eggs, try to buy organic or at least freedom raised meat, use seasonal vegetables and fruit as much as possible and usually cook everything from scratch.

Things I like making:

Cakes – old school ones like Lemon Drizzle, Hungarian Apple, Rhubarb & Orange, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake and a proper New York baked cheesecake.

Soups – from hearty one pot meals such as a ‘proper’ gulyas, to more delicate ones to show off a seasonal vegetable or herb like watercress.

Chutneys, relishes & jams – from foraged wild garlic pesto to Moroccan spiced pear & date chutney to rhubarb & vanilla jam.

I’m looking forward to sharing recipes and food stories with you.

Bye for now

Lucy xxx

Hello World!


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