Venetian Visiting

Venice. A place of my dreams and possibly my favourite place in the world. I’ve been obsessed with this city for over half my life. Lucky enough to visit often, due to life events totally getting in the way I haven’t been back for almost 5 years.  It’s the light that gets me. Every time and even when it’s foggy. The reflection of sky and water creates a luminous glow that artists have tried to capture for centuries. It calms me and makes me happy to be there. Add in the architecture, the art, the quirky narrow streets that suddenly open up into grand squares, the bustle of the Rialto and St Mark’s, the quieter residential neighbourhoods with washing hung like flags, the boats and gondolas; and my love for the city becomes obvious.  Everywhere I go the gentle susurration of the water accompanies my footsteps echoing on the stone pavements and bridges. It’s a feast for the senses – visual stimulation especially to the max. I’ve visited Venice some 15 times in my life, residing there for a few months in my early twenties and still each time I visit, I find new things to look at and experience. It never becomes totally familiar and Venice always shows me a little bit more.

It was a flying visit this time, two days, three nights with a dear friend who shares my love of Venice, and capacity for enjoying all that La Serenissima has to offer her visitors. We arrived giddy as kippers to be back again and left clutching booty in the form of eye watering expensive water glasses, dried porcini mushrooms, formaggio Asiago & of course lots of biscotti.

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